Don’t Do, React! Understanding Meteor Reactive Programming

Meteor (currently my favorite framework for building web applications) was designed to support transparent reactive programming. You can’t build Meteor apps without understanding how reactive programming works. In this blog post, I provide an in-depth explanation of reactive programming. I talk about the technical details of how reactivity is implemented in the Meteor framework. I […]

SonicAgile 2.0 with a Real-Time Backlog and Kanban

I’m excited to announce the launch of SonicAgile 2.0 which is a free Agile Project Management tool.  You can start using it right now (for free) by visiting the following address: What’s special about SonicAgile?  SonicAgile supports a real-time backlog and kanban. When you make changes to the backlog or kanban then those changes […]

Good Book for Learning Meteor: Discover Meteor

A week or so ago, Sacha Greif asked me whether I would be willing to write a review of his new book on Meteor (published today) entitled Discover Meteor. Sacha wrote the book with Tom Coleman. Both Sacha and Tom are very active in the Meteor community – they are responsible for several well-known Meteor […]

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