ASP.NET MVC + Selenium + IISExpress

The goal of this blog entry is to explain how you can create integration tests for ASP.NET MVC applications by using a combination of Selenium WebDriver and IISExpress. Integration tests are useful when you want to test an entire user story. For example, you might want to test whether a user can successfully add an […]

Building an HTML5 App with ASP.NET

I’m teaching several JavaScript and ASP.NET workshops over the next couple of months (thanks everyone!) and I thought it would be useful for my students to have a really easy to use JavaScript reference. I wanted a simple interactive JavaScript reference and I could not find one so I decided to put together one of […]

Integrating JavaScript Unit Tests with Visual Studio

Modern ASP.NET web applications take full advantage of client-side JavaScript to provide better interactivity and responsiveness. If you are building an ASP.NET application in the right way, you quickly end up with lots and lots of JavaScript code. When writing server code, you should be writing unit tests. One big advantage of unit tests is […]

Unit Testing JavaScript with FireUnit

I’ve been investigating different unit testing frameworks for JavaScript lately and I stumbled onto FireUnit. FireUnit is a unit testing framework created by John Resig (of well-deserved jQuery fame) and Jan Odvarko. In this blog entry, I provide a brief overview of the FireUnit testing framework. In particular, I explain how you can use FireUnit […]

TDD Tests are not Unit Tests

The motivation for this blog entry is to explain the nature and purpose of the tests used in Test-Driven Development. To avoid confusion, I’ll use the expression TDD test to refer to the type of test used in the context of Test-Driven Development. The goal of this blog entry is to clarify the relationship among […]

Test-After Development is not Test-Driven Development

Recently, I had a disagreement with a colleague over the correct way to do Test-Driven Development. This is an important disagreement because it affects the design of the ASP.NET MVC framework. According to my co-worker (let’s call him Tad), there is no difference between Test-First Development and Test-After Development “except when you write your unit […]

ASP.NET MVC Workshop Code

Thank you everyone who came to my one day ASP.NET MVC workshop at ASP.NET Connections. We managed to build an entire Movie Database application with unit tests and a reasonably good design — Congratulations! I’ve attached the Movie Database application and the demo code from the workshop below. Workshop Code

Speaking at ASP.NET Connections Next Week

I will be in Orlando, Florida next week speaking at the ASP.NET Connections conference in Orlando, Florida. I’m giving 5 separate talks.  I’m presenting two talks on Microsoft day: ASP.NET MVC: A New Framework for Building Web Applications ASP.NET MVC is Microsoft’s newest framework for building web applications. In this session, you learn how to […]

ASP.NET MVC Sample Application at

We posted a complete Contact Manager sample ASP.NET MVC Application at the website. The source code is available in both C# and VB.NET. The application is intentionally simple. The goal was to provide members of the ASP.NET community with an application that they could use to quickly learn how to build new applications with […]

ASP.NET MVC Application Building: Forums #5 – Membership

In this series of blog posts, I build an entire ASP.NET MVC Forums application from start to finish. In this post, I explain how to test and implement authentication and authorization for the Forums application. Before you read this blog post, you should read the previous posts in this series: ASP.NET MVC Application Building: Forums […]

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