Back from Tech-ed India

Thank you to everyone who came to my talks at Tech-ed India! It was great meeting so many developers in India (I finally got to meet many people who I have been reading their blogs for years). I’ve had several people request the slides and sample files from the talk so I am posting them […]

Speaking in India at Tech-ed

I’ll be in India all next week giving 3 talks at Microsoft Tech-ed in Hyderabad. This is my first trip to India. I have no idea what to expect. I’ll be giving the following three talks: Welcome to ASP.NET 4.0 – Developing Next Gen Web Applications Developing MVC Based Web Apps using ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET […]

ASP.NET MVC Workshop Code

Thank you everyone who came to my one day ASP.NET MVC workshop at ASP.NET Connections. We managed to build an entire Movie Database application with unit tests and a reasonably good design — Congratulations! I’ve attached the Movie Database application and the demo code from the workshop below. Workshop Code

MIX Slides, Code, and Session Recording

Thanks everyone for the incredible amount of feedback that I got after my two talks at MIX last week — I’m still receiving emails. I’ve added links to the video recordings of the talks below: ASP.NET 4.0: What’s Next? ASP.NET: Taking AJAX to the Next Level Here are the links to the slides and code […]

Speaking at ASP.NET Connections Next Week

I will be in Orlando, Florida next week speaking at the ASP.NET Connections conference in Orlando, Florida. I’m giving 5 separate talks.  I’m presenting two talks on Microsoft day: ASP.NET MVC: A New Framework for Building Web Applications ASP.NET MVC is Microsoft’s newest framework for building web applications. In this session, you learn how to […]

Speaking at MIX

Hey, I’m giving two talks at MIX this year. This is my first MIX! Come hear about all of the new changes coming with ASP.NET 4.0 and ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 at the MIX conference next week. I’m giving two talks: Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0: What’s Next? and Microsoft ASP.NET: Taking AJAX to the Next Level. My […]

ASP.NET MVC Talk at VSLive San Francisco

Want to learn more about ASP.NET MVC? I’m giving a talk at VSLive next week in San Francisco. The title of the talk is ASP.NET MVC: So What?. In the talk, I will demonstrate my ASP.NET MVC Contact Manager Sample Application. The sample application will give me a chance to talk about model binders, software […]

Presenting Keynote at MDC in Washington, D.C.

I’m presenting the keynote for the Microsoft Developers Conference in Washington, D.C. on January 16 (this Friday). The Microsoft Developers Conference is a one day version of the Microsoft PDC. You get one day of sessions that introduce all of the important new Microsoft technologies. The emphasis is on Windows Azure, Live Mesh, and Windows […]

Back from Tech-Ed EMEA

I just flew back from Barcelona where I gave three talks last week at Tech-Ed EMEA. Lots of excitement, and great feedback, on all of the new Ajax features being added to the ASP.NET framework. I’ve included the Power Points and demo code from my presentations below. In my first Ajax talk, I focused on […]

jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX Demo Code

Thank you to everyone who came to my jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX PDC talk!  As promised, I’ve added a link to the demo code from the talk to this blog entry. There are three separate downloads: jQuery Demos — Contains sample code that demonstrates how to use jQuery selectors, animations, and plug-ins. PhotoGallery Application — […]

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