Using jQuery to Insert a New Database Record

The goal of this blog entry is to explore the easiest way of inserting a new record into a database using jQuery and .NET. I’m going to explore two approaches: using Generic Handlers and using a WCF service (In a future blog entry I’ll take a look at OData and WCF Data Services). Create the […]

Microsoft, jQuery, and Templating

About two months ago, John Resig and I met at Café Algiers in Harvard square to discuss how Microsoft can contribute to the jQuery project. Today, Scott Guthrie announced in his second-day MIX keynote that Microsoft is throwing its weight behind jQuery and making it the primary way to develop client-side Ajax applications using Microsoft […]

The Microsoft Ajax Library and Visual Studio Beta 2

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 was released this week and one of the first things that I hope you notice is that it no longer contains the latest version of ASP.NET AJAX. What happened? Where did AJAX go? Just like Sting and The Police, just like Phil Collins and Genesis, just like Greg Page and […]

Using the New Microsoft Ajax Minifier

Last night, Scott Guthrie announced that the team published a free tool that enables you to improve the performance of your Ajax applications by reducing the size of its JavaScript files. The new tool is named the Microsoft Ajax Minifier. You can read Scott Guthrie’s announcement here: And you can download and install […]

New AJAX Control Toolkit Release

We just released a new version of the AJAX Control Toolkit today. This new version includes significant bug fixes and two new controls. You can download the latest version – the September 30th release – from the CodePlex website right here: Read the following tutorial to learn how to install the AJAX Control Toolkit: […]

Improving the AJAX Control Toolkit with the Lightweight Test Automation Framework (LTAF)

The AJAX Control Toolkit is an incredibly popular set of controls that enable you to easily add JavaScript functionality to an ASP.NET application. The AJAX Control Toolkit has consistently been one of the top three most popular downloads from CodePlex since the birth of CodePlex (see Lately, we’ve been thinking hard about methods of […]

Unit Testing JavaScript with FireUnit

I’ve been investigating different unit testing frameworks for JavaScript lately and I stumbled onto FireUnit. FireUnit is a unit testing framework created by John Resig (of well-deserved jQuery fame) and Jan Odvarko. In this blog entry, I provide a brief overview of the FireUnit testing framework. In particular, I explain how you can use FireUnit […]

jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX Demo Code

Thank you to everyone who came to my jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX PDC talk!  As promised, I’ve added a link to the demo code from the talk to this blog entry. There are three separate downloads: jQuery Demos — Contains sample code that demonstrates how to use jQuery selectors, animations, and plug-ins. PhotoGallery Application — […]

jQuery in ASP.NET Talk at PDC

Mark your calendars and come to my jQuery in ASP.NET talk at PDC. It looks like my talk is scheduled for Tuesday (10/28/2008) at 5:15pm. You can still register for the PDC here: I’m really excited about the new possibilities that jQuery, in combination with the new features of the ASP.NET AJAX framework, opens […]

ASP.NET MVC Tip #45 – Use Client View Data

In this tip, I explore one approach to building Ajax applications with ASP.NET MVC. I show how you can use view data when building Ajax applications with ASP.NET MVC in the same way as you would use view data when building server-side application. I demonstrate how to create a custom HTML Helper that renders client […]

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