Chapter 1 – An Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

This is a rough draft of a chapter from the book ASP.NET MVC Framework Unleashed by Stephen Walther. Comments are welcome and appreciated. When the book is published, the text from this blog entry will be removed and only the code listings will remain. Order this Book from Amazon “There is nothing permanent except change.” […]


I’ve been collecting book recommendations on software design principles and patterns, test-driven development, and agile development. I wanted to share my current reading list with you in case you are interested in learning more about these topics. If you have any additional book recommendations — please share! Here’s my current list of books: Software Design […]

Book Review: The Art of Unit Testing

I stumbled across The Art of Unit Testing by Roy Osherove while researching Mock Object frameworks that can be used with ASP.NET MVC. Even though the author is still in the process of writing the book, you can download an early draft of this book at This is a fantastic book for learning about […]

ASP.NET 3.5 Unleashed Errata: ASP.NET AJAX Authentication

Well, I guess it is too much to hope that there would not be any errors in an almost 2,000 page book. Bertrand Le Roy sent me an email pointing out a security hole in one of my code samples in ASP.NET 3.5 Unleashed. The problem is in Chapter 33, Using Client-Side ASP.NET AJAX. The […]

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