Ajax Control Toolkit Now Supports jQuery

I’m excited to announce the September 2013 release of the Ajax Control Toolkit, which now supports building new Ajax Control Toolkit controls with jQuery. You can download the latest release of the Ajax Control Toolkit from http://AjaxControlToolkit.CodePlex.com or you can install the Ajax Control Toolkit directly within Visual Studio by executing the following NuGet command: […]

HTML5 Form Validation

The latest versions of Google Chrome (16+), Mozilla Firefox (8+), and Internet Explorer (10+) all support HTML5 client-side validation. It is time to take HTML5 validation seriously. The purpose of the blog post is to describe how you can take advantage of HTML5 client-side validation regardless of the type of application that you are building. […]

Introduction to the ASP.NET Web API

I am a huge fan of Ajax. If you want to create a great experience for the users of your website – regardless of whether you are building an ASP.NET MVC or an ASP.NET Web Forms site — then you need to use Ajax. Otherwise, you are just being cruel to your customers. We use […]

ASP.NET MVC + Selenium + IISExpress

The goal of this blog entry is to explain how you can create integration tests for ASP.NET MVC applications by using a combination of Selenium WebDriver and IISExpress. Integration tests are useful when you want to test an entire user story. For example, you might want to test whether a user can successfully add an […]

ASP.NET Connections Fall 2011 Slides and Code

Thanks everyone who came to my talks at ASP.NET Connections in Las Vegas!  There was a definite theme to my talks this year…taking advantage of JavaScript to build a rich presentation layer. I gave the following three talks: JsRender Templates – Originally, I was scheduled to give a talk on jQuery Templates.  However, jQuery Templates […]

Sample Code and Slides from DevConnection Germany

Thank you everyone who came to my three talks this week at DevConnections Germany!  I really enjoyed my time in Karlsruhe. Here are the slides and sample code for the three talks:   jQuery Templates In this talk, I discuss how you can take advantage of jQuery templates when building both ASP.NET Web Forms and […]

jQuery Templates Talk Slides and Code

Thank you everyone who came to my talk yesterday at ASP.NET Connections on jQuery Templates.  Click the link at the end of this blog entry to download the slides and code. Some of the more interesting code samples include:   RemoteBetter.aspx – Demonstrates how to get Intellisense when creating a template by placing the template […]

jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Validate Sample Code

Thank you everyone who attended my half-day workshop on jQuery and ASP.NET at ASP.NET Connections in Florida! You can download the slide deck and all of the code from the workshop by clicking the link at the bottom of this blog post. There are about 40 code samples that demonstrate a wide range of jQuery […]

ASP.NET and HTML5 Local Storage

My favorite feature of HTML5, hands-down, is HTML5 local storage (aka DOM storage). By taking advantage of HTML5 local storage, you can dramatically improve the performance of your data-driven ASP.NET applications by caching data in the browser persistently. Think of HTML5 local storage like browser cookies, but much better. Like cookies, local storage is persistent. […]

Building an HTML5 App with ASP.NET

I’m teaching several JavaScript and ASP.NET workshops over the next couple of months (thanks everyone!) and I thought it would be useful for my students to have a really easy to use JavaScript reference. I wanted a simple interactive JavaScript reference and I could not find one so I decided to put together one of […]

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