Windows 8.1 Apps Now in Bookstores

My book Windows 8.1 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript is in bookstores now and it is available for purchase from Amazon. Extensively updated for the release of Windows 8.1, this book covers all of the new features of the WinJS 2.0 library such as the Repeater, SearchBox, WebView, and NavBar controls and the new WinJS Scheduler.

Windows 8.1Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript

I wrote a new sample app for this edition of the book  — the MyTasks app — that demonstrates how to build a Windows Store app that interacts with Windows Azure Mobile Services. If you are currently using a Windows 8.1 computer then you can install the MyTasks sample app from the Windows Store.

I’ve written a summary of the new features included in Windows 8.1 for app developers which you can read here:

Top 10 Changes for Building Windows Store Apps with Windows 8.1


  1. BZ says:

    Thanks for the updated book Stephen, I very much enjoyed the 8.0 edition. It was short and to the point with good explanations. I do hope the Win Store become a more viable option for commercial apps, the dev story for html/css/js is great and enjoy developing for the platform. Hope Satya Nadella can turn the ship around.