Windows 8 Apps Unleashed Now in Bookstores!

My book Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript Unleashed is now in bookstores! Learn how to create Metro apps Windows 8 apps with JavaScript. And the book is in color! All of the code listings and illustrations are in color.


Why build Windows 8 apps? When you create a Windows 8 app, you can put your app in the Windows 8 Store. In other words, customers can buy your app directly from Windows. Think iPhone apps, but for a much larger market.

In my book, I explain how you can create both game apps and simple productivity apps by creating Windows 8 apps with JavaScript. The book is a short read and I include plenty of code samples that have been tested against the final release of Windows 8.

You can buy the book by going to your local Barnes & Noble bookstore or you can buy the book through Amazon by using the following link:

It looks like the book is also available for the Kindle:

Kindle: Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript Unleashed


  1. bz says:

    Awesome! I’ve found your articles on WinJS extremely helpful. Congratulations! Purchased and downloading via Kindle…