Seattle GiveCamp this Weekend

Seattle GiveCamp is this weekend (October 19, 2012) on the Microsoft Campus. Donate your time and your programming skills to build software applications (mainly websites) for charities. We need you! Go to the following address and sign up to participate right now:

We have more than 20 charities participating in this year’s GiveCamp and over 100 volunteers. We need people with all sorts of skills including WordPress, design, ASP.NET, SEO, Mobile, and Project Management skills. If you know how to tweak a WordPress theme or you know how to use Adobe Photoshop or you know Salesforce or Microsoft Access then we really, really need you this weekend.

This is a great event to network with other developers, show off your ninja programming skills, and help some great charities. Be prepared to show up at Friday night and start working in a team to write some great code. You can stay until Sunday night for the full event or you can leave early (in previous events, some developers did marathon coding sessions for multiple days straight – but those guys are insane).

My wife, Ruth Walther, is the director of this year’s GiveCamp. She’ll be there and I’ll be there. I hope to see you at GiveCamp!


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