ASP.NET Connections Spring 2012 Talks and Code

Thank you everyone who attended my ASP.NET Connections talks last week in Las Vegas. I’ve attached the slides and code for the three talks that I delivered:

  • Using jQuery to interact with the Server through Ajax– In this talk, I discuss the different ways to communicate information between browser and server using Ajax. I explain the difference between the different types of Ajax calls that you can make with jQuery. I also discuss the differences between the JavaScriptSerializer, the DataContractJsonSerializer, and the JSON.NET serializer.
  • ASP.NET Validation In-Depth– In this talk, I distinguish between View Model Validation and Domain Model Validation. I demonstrate how you can use the validation attributes (including the new .NET 4.5 validation attributes), the jQuery Validation library, and the HTML5 input validation attributes to perform View Model Validation. I then demonstrate how you can use the IValidatableObject interface with the Entity Framework to perform Domain Model Validation.
  • Using the MVVM Pattern with JavaScript Views – In this talk, I discuss how you can create single page applications (SPA) by taking advantage of the open-source KnockoutJS library and the ASP.NET Web API.

Be warned that the sample code is contained in Visual Studio 11 Beta projects. If you don’t have this version of Visual Studio, then you will need to open the code samples in Notepad.

Also, I apologize for getting the code for these talks posted so slowly. I’ve been down with a nasty case of the flu for the past week and haven’t been able to get to a computer.


  1. Stilgar says:

    Are there any videos of these talks or maybe you can turn them into an article of some sort? I am particularly interested in the pros and cons of different types of JSON serializers.

  2. Solaiappan says:

    Yes, Video will be useful. Is there any video available.

  3. Thanks for the interest in a video — unfortunately, they don’t video talks at ASP.NET Connections.