ASP.NET Connections Fall 2011 Slides and Code

Thanks everyone who came to my talks at ASP.NET Connections in Las Vegas!  There was a definite theme to my talks this year…taking advantage of JavaScript to build a rich presentation layer. I gave the following three talks:

  • JsRender Templates – Originally, I was scheduled to give a talk on jQuery Templates.  However, jQuery Templates has been deprecated and JsRender is the new technology which replaces jQuery Templates. In the talk, I give plenty of code samples of using JsRender.  You can download the slides and code samples RIGHT HERE


  • HTML5 – In this talk, I focused on the features of HTML5 which are the most interesting to developers building database-driven Web applications. In particular, I discussed Web Sockets,  Web workers, Web Storage, Indexed DB, and the Offline Application Cache. All of these features are supported by Safari, Chrome, and Firefox today and they will be supported by Internet Explorer 10. You can download the slides and code samples RIGHT HERE


  • Ajax Control Toolkit – My company, Superexpert, is responsible for developing and maintaining the Ajax Control Toolkit. In this talk, I discuss all of the bug fixes and new features which the developers on the Superexpert team have added to the Ajax Control Toolkit over the previous six months. We also had a good discussion of the features which people want in future releases of the Ajax Control Toolkit. The slides and code samples for this talk can be downloaded RIGHT HERE


I had a great time in Las Vegas!  Good questions, friendly audience, and lots of opportunities for me to learn new things!


— Stephen


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