Sample Code and Slides from DevConnection Germany

Thank you everyone who came to my three talks this week at DevConnections Germany!  I really enjoyed my time in Karlsruhe.

Here are the slides and sample code for the three talks:


  • jQuery Templates

In this talk, I discuss how you can take advantage of jQuery templates when building both ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC applications. I demonstrate several advanced features of templates such as wrapped templates and remote templates.


  • HTML5

In this talk, I discuss the features of HTML5 which matter most when building database-driven web applications. I demonstrate WebSockets, Web Workers, Web Storage, IndexedDB, and Offline Web Applications.


  • jQuery + OData

In this talk, I demonstrate how you can build entire web applications by taking advantage of jQuery and OData. I demonstrate how you can use jQuery and OData to both query and update database data. I also discuss two approaches for supporting validation.


  1. Daniel says:

    Thanks a lot. Was a nice experience to see you live "on stage". Looking forward to see you once again.

  2. Lars Keller says:

    Thanks for your talk! It was a lot of fun to hear you speak.
    See you next time in Germany! 🙂