jQuery Templates Talk Slides and Code

Thank you everyone who came to my talk yesterday at ASP.NET Connections on jQuery Templates.  Click the link at the end of this blog entry to download the slides and code.

Some of the more interesting code samples include:


  • RemoteBetter.aspx – Demonstrates how to get Intellisense when creating a template by placing the template in an external user control.
  • TemplateControl.aspx – Demonstrates how to get Intellisense when creating a template by using a custom ASP.NET ClientTemplate control.
  • CRUD.aspx – Demonstrates how to create a Web Forms applications that uses jQuery Templates and WCF services to make a Create, Read, Update, Delete database-driven Movie application.


Download the Slides and Code


  1. Jesse says:

    How are you using the connectionString in the web.config when there isn’t an explicit reference to it in the code, or am I missing it?

  2. @Jesse — Great question! That confused me also when I first started using Entity Framework 4.1 (Code First). If you don’t create a connection string then the Entity Framework automatically creates a connection to your .SQLExpress database. The Entity Framework will create the database and database tables automatically.

    If, on the other hand, you do supply a connection string to an existing database with the same name as your DbContext class then the Entity Framework will use the existing database.

  3. design says:

    All right I’m following you! 🙂