jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Validate Sample Code

Thank you everyone who attended my half-day workshop on jQuery and ASP.NET at ASP.NET Connections in Florida!

You can download the slide deck and all of the code from the workshop by clicking the link at the bottom of this blog post. There are about 40 code samples that demonstrate a wide range of jQuery features including selectors, events, animation, Ajax, jQuery UI, the templates plugin, the data-link plugin, the globalization plugin, and the jQuery validate plugin.

Here is a description of some of the more interesting code samples:

  • 2_Ajax2_PageMethod.aspx – Demonstrates how you can call a Web Forms page method using jQuery
  • 2_Ajax5_OData.aspx – Demonstrates how to call the Netflix.com odata service using jQuery to retrieve movie information
  • 2_Ajax6_JSONService.aspx – Demonstrates how to post JSON to a WCF service using jQuery
  • 6_jQueryUI3_AutocompleteService.aspx – Demonstrates how you can use the jQuery UI Autocomplete widget to retrieve suggestions from a WCF service. Also demonstrates how you can associate a primary key with each auto-complete suggestion.
  • 7_jQueryValidate4_UnobstrusiveWebForms.aspx – Demonstrates how to use jQuery Validate and the Unobrusive library to use jQuery Validate with Web Forms.
  • 7_jQueryValidate5_ConditionalValidation.aspx – Demonstrates how you can conditionally make a TextBox required depending on the value selected from a DropDownList.
  • 7_jQueryValidate7_RemoteValidationWebForms.aspx – Demonstrates how to use jQuery Validate remote validation with a Web Forms page.

Download the jQuery Workshop Sample Code


  1. Chris says:

    Great class! I learned a great deal in a short amount of time. Thanks again.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Loved the class. Thanks for the ifno.