ASP.NET 4 Unleashed in Bookstores!

I’m happy to announce that ASP.NET 4 Unleashed is now in bookstores! The book is over 1,800 pages and it is packed with code samples and tutorials on all the features of ASP.NET 4. Given the size of the book – did I mention that it is over 1,800 pages? — I can safely say that it is the most comprehensive book on ASP.NET  Smile

This edition of the book has several new chapters written by Kevin Hoffman and Nate Dudek. Kevin and Nate did a fantastic job of covering the new features of ASP.NET 4 including:

  • The new ASP.NET Chart Control
  • The new ASP.NET QueryExtender Control
  • The new ASP.NET routing framework
  • jQuery

You can buy the book from your local bookstore or buy the book from Amazon:


  1. Roland says:


    I already have your Unleashed 3.5. Apart from the features of ASP.NET 4, is the rest of that updated book identical to the Unleashed 3.5?

  2. Roland says:

    Cross fingers you will write another book on MVC 3 :ppp

  3. Hung Tran says:

    Very good book! Thanks!

  4. folorunso says:

    I trust that this will be another blast like your other titles.But i like to make an observation about your books: You normally use a single database table when teaching a backend concept which i find very inadequate.Even though mvc 1.0 unleashed clearly explained the fundamentals of mvc in a way that every newbie will find gentle to grasp,no application will ever have a single table.Jon Galloway’s music store and ScottGu’s NerdDinner covered up for me on those.Please use at least two tables so one can see how relationships will affect the code base.

  5. Great article, Much appreciated!