Back from Russia

Thanks everyone who came to my talks on ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC in Moscow last week! 

Here are the slide decks and demo code for the two talks (You need Visual Studio 2010):




I had a great time in Russia. On the second day, I had an opportunity to walk around Moscow. Here’s a picture of me standing in Red Square:



Here’s a picture of me eating Chicken Kiev with Microsoft evangelist James Senior.


James has just started his worldwide Web Camp tour to promote ASP.NET 4. He is traveling non-stop country to country. After Russia, he is off to China and Australia. You can find out more about the Web Camps here:


  1. Maxim says:

    Welcome to Ukraine! Here is many ASP.NET developers, too)))

  2. Slava says:

    Yeap, I agree with Maxim. And we have very delicious Chicken Kiev, because it is our dish. Welcome to Ukraine next time!

  3. Ulrika says:

    I read your presentation and tried to run your demo application. Unfortunally i got this error; The name ‘UrlParameter’ does not exist in the current context. I’m would like to use Areas in my project so this UrlParameter, what is it supposed to do?

  4. @Ulrika — You need to install ASP.NET MVC 2. ASP.NET MVC 2 is included with Visual Studio 2010. You also can use MVC 2 with Visual 2008 by downloading it from here:

  5. Brad says:

    Glad you are going around the world connecting with other users. The cold war is over! The walls are down. To paraphrase JFK, We are all microsofters now.

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  7. Thanks Stephen, Good to know about the Html.RenderAction(), let’s check out the demo.