ASP.NET MVC Framework Unleashed in Bookstores!

ASP.NET MVC Framework Unleashed is now published and available at your local bookstore and Amazon. I devoted over a year of my life to writing this book. At over 700 pages, this book is one of the most comprehensive books on Microsoft’s newest framework for building web applications.

ASP.NET MVC Framework Unleashed Buy the book at Amazon

All of the code samples are included in both the C# and VB.NET programming languages in the text of the book. You can download the source code from the book by visiting my publisher’s website at:

You can download a single file that includes all of the code or you can download the code chapter by chapter. Just click the Downloads tab at the website.


I had a lot of help writing this book. Charlie Poole — one of the primary developers behind the very popular NUnit unit testing framework — helped me with the chapters on test-driven development. And Scott Guthrie provided much appreciated encouragement while writing the book (Scott managed to get his MVC book out a month before mine while being a vp at Microsoft – Scott just scares me).

The book is targeted at developers who have no background in MVC, test-driven development, unit testing frameworks, or mock object frameworks. The goal is to provide you with enough context so you can understand the motivation behind Microsoft building the ASP.NET MVC framework. My hope is that if you are an ASP.NET Web Forms or an Active Server Pages Classic developer then you’ll find the book to be a good onramp into the MVC world.


  1. Yash says:

    Thats cool Stephen. How about blogging little bit more, I always look forward to your blog posts but lately, its not updated often.

    Keep it coming!!!


  2. Wout says:

    Excellent looking forward to it.

  3. Fawad says:

    great work Stephen 🙂

  4. gavin whyte says:

    I am looking forward to receiving my copy of the book which I ordered at amazon. Well done Stephen !

  5. kemal says:

    But MVC 2.0 Preview 1 is now available. Does your book cover that?

  6. Woww.. Congratulations!!!

  7. Congratulations Steve!

  8. cowgaR says:

    @But MVC 2.0 Preview 1 is now available. Does your book cover that?

    if you would “follow it” you would find it is more or less MVC 1.2, it is not a big architectural change, just neat things comming out on top of MVC which you can could get from MVC Contrib anyway.

    @Stephen, great! Hope it got improved a lot as some articles presented here didn’t read quite right. I’ve received your 3.0 “postback” book on my birthday, I you would try harder and would beat Scott it would be the case again :))

    Didn’t you consider having 2 books? (I think you had at one time) C# and VB.NET, as although the book is thinner than your previous one it still could save few pages and be more portable.

    I watched the screencast you did with Charlie, were good but I hope examples in book will be more advanced, as it was really just the basics.

  9. Robert Jansz says:

    I’ve recieved my copy of the ASP.NET Unleashed last week (living in Sweden) and have read about half of the book until now. It’s a really good book that covers the basics to more advanced topics.

    I think this is one of the best training-material/books out there now that covering the MVC framework. And i have read/viewed a few other books/tutorials and screencast.

    A big thanks and congratulations to you Stephen, you made a really good job with this book.

    Keep the good work up, over & out

  10. douglas says:

    I have an edition of the Unleashed book from way back when and it is pretty much the only book I ever bought and found useful.

    I’m looking forward to this book.

    Are there any plans to offer it in an electronic format like for the Kindle?

  11. Leandro says:

    Great! I’ve just ordered a copy! Good job!

    Regards from Buenos Aires!

  12. Stephen G says:

    Awesome! just ordered my copy…

    I look forward to getting into MVC, the only thing that has been holding me up is this book’s release…

    I’ve gotten to talk with you before Stephen after a DevConnection’s session…. your previous books are the reason why i am a professional programmer… your writing styles and skills really make it clear what to do and how to apply the code… so thanks

  13. Steve says:

    Great. I have been waiting for your book so long. I have just placed an order.

  14. Mitch Labrador says:

    I preordered the book and it was definetly worth the wait. Definetly will recommend at the Tampa MVC user group.

  15. The book is great, thanks you. I am building simple MVC apps now, however, when i attempt to open an example i’m getting an: The project type is not supported error. Any help for this? again thank you

  16. Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments!

    — Stephen

  17. @Kurt,

    Thanks for buying my book!

    Are you sure that you have the release version of ASP.NET MVC 1.0 installed? I just tried installing MVC on a fresh laptop and opening the samples and I did not encounter any issues.

    — Stephen

  18. Gabor Rosenberg says:

    I’m now reading the book, what is very clear and usable. My only complaint is that in the code example of the chapter 5 the GeneralRepository project is missing. Could You tell me where can I download it from?

    Thanks in advance, and congratulation for your excelellent book


  19. @Gabor,

    Thanks for buying my book!

    The Generic Repository is located in the CommonCodeGenericRepository folder (should have done a better job calling this out in the book).

    You can download the code for the book from here:…/product.aspx?isbn=0672329980

    — Stephen

  20. Varma BT says:

    The book is great, thanks you..Great work…

  21. chobo2 says:


    I bought your book and loving it. I can’t wait to start reading it from chapter one(since of a project I am doing I am reading the chapters in a need to know bases).

    Anyways I am having trouble with your Generic Repository.

    I am using Entity Framework and for whatever reason only like 60% of my Entity Names got “Set” at the end.

    So when I tried to use your generic repository it came back complaining it could not find the name with “Set” behind it.

    Took a while to figure that out.

    Next I tried to create a record in Table A that has “a 0..1 to 1” relationship with Table B so when I try to use the generic repository and do the “create” it comes back saying the constraints are not being enforced. Yet I don’t know how to pass in the TableB record stuff at the same time.

    Also I wish you would have talked about foreign key relationships in Entity Framework like this is my first EF project and I could not figure out where the FKs where or how to add a value to the FK column.

    If you did talk about all these things can you point me to the right page.


  22. Lee Dumond says:


    Listing 3.14 appears to have a flaw. It does not display any news item at all when script is disabled in the browser…

    Is there a place to submit errata or get corrections for the book?

  23. Marat says:

    I saw your videos about MVC Framework. Its good to see when you couldn’t sleep. Its better to read books, than watching at your face in every frame of learning videos. Adios, ублюдок. Poser

  24. Vince Scafaria says:

    What license terms govern the software downloads? Sharp concept with the generic repository, btw.
    The book is fantastic. Nice job.

  25. David says:

    Hi Stephen

    I have to write trough the comments as your contact form seem to be down.

    I looked up on Whois and found out that you are the owner of the domain. I am starting up a local market project. I don’t have too much money but if you can give a reasonable price for the domain I buy it from you.

    Look forward to hear from you!

  26. Jeff Ammons says:

    I’m reading your book now and posted about it on my blog tonight:…/…tus-Report-2009-08-24.aspx

    Chapter 10 helped me out on a problem I ran into this weekend.

    So far I really enjoy the book. I read Guthrie/Hanselman/Conery/Haack’s book as well. I really think the books complement each other. Theirs is a good initial walkthrough and yours goes into more depth, particularly on TDD.

    I’ll do a review of both books on our user group site as well as on my blog when I finish reading it.

    Thanks for writing it!

  27. Pancho says:

    hi Stephen, I have your book in my hands and it is very good, great in content and images. Now I will start creating my MVC sites
    Thanks for writing it

  28. Laverne Douglas says:

    I originally ordered the 2 Scotts (Guthrie/Hanselman) version when it was first announced, and promptly cancelled, as soon as I learned that your version would contain code in: not VB and VB. Since I am a die hard VB programmer, I find it error prone to convert the Scott’s, not VB code, to VB.
    Thanx for including us die hards.

    P.S. I have to admit, I also find your walkthroughs easier to follow.

  29. Wow! I am light years behind chipping away at the digital version of your past ‘ Unleashed’ What other titles are included in your ‘Unleashed’ series of .net Framework masterpieces? Pls advise, Thx, Robert.

  30. Mike says:

    I’ve been looking for a good book on MVC and this came highly recommended on Amazon. I did find some challenges following along in Chapter 9 as the figures are mismatched and the provided Route Debugger does not work properly with the Product/Insert route. There was a previous post inquiring about where errata can be found. Is the a link?


  31. Pretty good post.I’ve been looking for a good book on MVC and this came highly recommended on Amazon. I did find some challenges following along in Chapter 9 as the figures are mismatched and the provided Route Debugger does not work properly with the Product/Insert route. There was a previous post inquiring about where errata can be found. Is the a link?

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  33. Jeff Ammons says:

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  35. great says:

    great job sir

  36. Steve S says:

    Ooops, beginning with figure 9.4 all the remaining figures in chapter nine are off by one. The figure shown as 9.4 is really for 9.5, etc. The last figure, 9.11 may have been intended for 9.4, but it isn’t what I would have expected for the invalid date test.

    So, far that’s the only editing mistake I’ve noticed. I’m really liking the book, the depth of the details and your way of conveying the information.

    Well done! Now back to the book.

  37. chlamydien says:

    I think this is one of the best training-material/books out there now that covering the MVC framework. And i have read/viewed a few other books/tutorials and screencast.

  38. hnabih says:

    Thanks for the book and videos, on; I am very new to MVC, I was hoping to find a video that will walk us step by step to develop an application.
    Also when I try to open the code that came with the book, I get a message “The project location is not trusted”. Then I get a message the project type is not supported by this installation. Any idea!! Thanks

  39. Steve S says:

    Thanks for a great book. I’m still working my way through it and will post a review (favorable) on Amazon once I’ve finished it.

    That said I did find an oversight in chapter 17. Early in the chapter you create a blank BlogEntry class. Towards the end of the chapter you create the EntityFrameworkBlogRepository class that makes use of a completed BlogEntry class, but nowhere in between do you mention fleshing out the BlogEntry class. this had me stumped for a couple of minutes.

    This after hours spend trying to get SQL 2008 Express 64 working through Visual Studio 2008 SP1 on Win 7 RTM 64. Near as I can determine Win 7 64 and SQL Express 64 don’t play nice with Visual Studio. Finally had to create the database through SSMS, which created it’s own set of issues getting it into VS. At that point it was nice to get back to work with chapter 17, until the BlogEntry clas issue came up. oof da!


  40. Ralph Martínez says:

    Hi, Stephen!

    Thanks for allowing post comments about your book.

    ASP.NET’s MVC has a cool feature that I like a lot. It’s the redirection to the Error.aspx View Template, should a run-time error occurs.

    The book, on page 308, Passing View Data to Master Pages, suggests using an Application Controller, derived from Controller, to pass data to a Master Page. That’s a neat feature!

    However, once I implemented it on my site, it seems to have affected ASP.NET MVC’s way of handling the internal errors. After its implementation, the site does not show the Error.aspx View Template any more. Instead, it redirects with a 404 saying the GenericError.htm was not found.

    Could you please, let us know how, implementing the Application Controller the book suggests, make the site show the Error.aspx View?

    Thanks very much in advance for the attention you may dispense to this issue.


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