Back from Tech-Ed EMEA

I just flew back from Barcelona where I gave three talks last week at Tech-Ed EMEA. Lots of excitement, and great feedback, on all of the new Ajax features being added to the ASP.NET framework. I’ve included the Power Points and demo code from my presentations below.

In my first Ajax talk, I focused on several newly released features of ASP.NET AJAX including Browser History, Script Combining, jQuery integration, and the ASP.NET MVC AJAX Helpers.

Download the Power Point

Download the  Demo Code

Download the Demo Code (MVC App)

In my second Ajax talk, I discussed the new features of ASP.NET AJAX coming with ASP.NET 4.0 AJAX such as client templates and controls. These new features make it practical to build pure client-side AJAX applications with the ASP.NET framework.

Download the Power Point

Download the Demo Code

Finally, I gave a talk on building high performance ASP.NET websites.

Download the Power Point

Download the Demo Code

Thank you, once again, to everyone who came to my talks! The discussions after the talks were really great!


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    Can you do a video on MVC authentication? Can you recommend any tutorials or examples?

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