Using HTML5 Speech Recognition and Text to Speech

Wouldn’t it be great if you could interact with websites just like Siri on your iPhone? In other words, you could ask web pages questions out loud and get answers spoken back to you? Imagine, for example, that you are creating a children’s game. If the child cannot type or read then the most natural […]

Ajax Control Toolkit Now Supports jQuery

I’m excited to announce the September 2013 release of the Ajax Control Toolkit, which now supports building new Ajax Control Toolkit controls with jQuery. You can download the latest release of the Ajax Control Toolkit from or you can install the Ajax Control Toolkit directly within Visual Studio by executing the following NuGet command: […]

June 2013 Release of the Ajax Control Toolkit

I’m happy to announce the June 2013 release of the Ajax Control Toolkit. For this release, we enhanced the AjaxFileUpload control to support uploading files directly to Windows Azure. We also improved the SlideShow control by adding support for CSS3 animations. You can get the latest release of the Ajax Control Toolkit by visiting the […]

Good Book for Learning Meteor: Discover Meteor

A week or so ago, Sacha Greif asked me whether I would be willing to write a review of his new book on Meteor (published today) entitled Discover Meteor. Sacha wrote the book with Tom Coleman. Both Sacha and Tom are very active in the Meteor community – they are responsible for several well-known Meteor […]

An Introduction to Meteor

The goal of this blog post is to give you a brief introduction to Meteor which is a framework for building Single Page Apps. In this blog entry, I provide a walkthrough of building a simple Movie database app. What is special about Meteor? Meteor has two jaw-dropping features: Live HTML – If you make […]

Security Issues with Single Page Apps

Last week, I was asked to do a code review of a Single Page App built using the ASP.NET Web API, Durandal, and Knockout (good stuff!). In particular, I was asked to investigate whether there any special security issues associated with building a Single Page App which are not present in the case of a […]

Using Durandal to Create Single Page Apps

A few days ago, I gave a talk on building Single Page Apps on the Microsoft Stack. In that talk, I recommended that people use Knockout, Sammy, and RequireJS to build their presentation layer and use the ASP.NET Web API to expose data from their server. After I gave the talk, several people contacted me […]

Seattle GiveCamp this Weekend

Seattle GiveCamp is this weekend (October 19, 2012) on the Microsoft Campus. Donate your time and your programming skills to build software applications (mainly websites) for charities. We need you! Go to the following address and sign up to participate right now: We have more than 20 charities participating in this year’s GiveCamp and […]

HTML5 Form Validation

The latest versions of Google Chrome (16+), Mozilla Firefox (8+), and Internet Explorer (10+) all support HTML5 client-side validation. It is time to take HTML5 validation seriously. The purpose of the blog post is to describe how you can take advantage of HTML5 client-side validation regardless of the type of application that you are building. […]

ASP.NET MVC + Selenium + IISExpress

The goal of this blog entry is to explain how you can create integration tests for ASP.NET MVC applications by using a combination of Selenium WebDriver and IISExpress. Integration tests are useful when you want to test an entire user story. For example, you might want to test whether a user can successfully add an […]

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