jQuery Templates on Microsoft Ajax CDN

The beta version of the jQuery Templates plugin is now hosted on the Microsoft Ajax CDN. You can start using the jQuery Templates plugin in your application by referencing both jQuery 1.4.2 and jQuery Templates from the CDN. Here are the two script tags that you will want to use when developing an application: <script […]

jQuery Cycle Plugin on the Microsoft Ajax CDN

Want to create a photo gallery with fancy special effects? Mike Alsup, who has developed several popular plugins for jQuery, has uploaded his jQuery Cycle (jCycle) plugin to the Microsoft Ajax CDN. This plugin enables you to take a set of images, and transition from one image to another using a special effect. In other […]

Ajax Talk at .NET Developers Association

Thanks everyone who came to my Ajax talk tonight at the .NET Developers Association! The slides and demos from the talk can be downloaded by clicking the following link:   ASP.NET Ajax: What’s New?   You need Visual Studio  2010 to view the code samples. The first project, named Demos, contains the following samples: ASPAjax4 […]

Microsoft Ajax CDN and the jQuery Validation Library

Scott Guthrie announced the launch of the Microsoft Ajax CDN on his blog last night. If you have not read his post, I recommend that you read it now to get a general overview of the CDN and how you can take advantage of the CDN to improve the performance of your ASP.NET Web Forms […]

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