SonicAgile 2.0 with a Real-Time Backlog and Kanban

I’m excited to announce the launch of SonicAgile 2.0 which is a free Agile Project Management tool.  You can start using it right now (for free) by visiting the following address:

What’s special about SonicAgile?  SonicAgile supports a real-time backlog and kanban. When you make changes to the backlog or kanban then those changes appear on every browser in real-time.

For example, if multiple people open the Kanban in their browser, and you move a card on the backlog from the To Do column to the Done column then the card moves in every browser in real-time. This makes SonicAgile a great tool to use with distributed teams.

SonicAgile has all of the features that you need in an Agile Project Management tool including:

  • Real-time Backlog – Prioritize all of your stories using drag-and-drop.
  • Real-time Kanban – Move stories from To Do, In Progress, to Done
  • Burndown Charts – Track the progress of your team as your work burns down over time.
  • Iterations – Group work into iterations (sprints).
  • Tasks – Break long stories into tasks.
  • Acceptance Criteria – Create a checklist of requirements for a story to be done.
  • Agile Estimation – Estimate the amount of work required to complete a story using Points, Shirt Sizes, or Coffee Cup sizes.
  • Time-Tracking – Track how long it takes to complete each story and task.
  • Roadmap – Do release planning by creating epics and organizing the epics into releases.
  • Discussions – Discuss each story or epic by email.

Watch the following video for a quick 3 minute introduction:

Read the following guide for a more in-depth overview of the features included in SonicAgile:

I’d love to hear your feedback!  Let me know what you think by posting a comment.


  1. João Franco says:

    Hello Stephen,
    i found your tool very interesting. Is it open source? Is there any possibility to install in a local server?

    Thank you

  2. @João – Thanks for your interest in SonicAgile! No, we don’t have any plans to make it open source. Why would you want to run it on a local server?

  3. Marcus says:

    My curiosity was piqued, so went to register – no OpenID? You’ve just introduced some unnecessary friction in getting people to try it out.

  4. @Marcus — great question! The problem with OpenID is that different providers provide different information. For SonicAgile, I need the user’s email address in order for the story/epic email discussion to work (and to send new story notifications). And, OpenID providers such as Twitter and GitHub do not provide the person’s email. See

  5. João Franco says:

    Thank you for the fast answer @Stephen. I would like to run it in my intranet with limited access to internet. Doesn’t even need to be open source i just need to be able to run it.