MIX Slides, Code, and Session Recording

Thanks everyone for the incredible amount of feedback that I got after my two talks at MIX last week — I’m still receiving emails. I’ve added links to the video recordings of the talks below:

ASP.NET 4.0: What’s Next?

ASP.NET: Taking AJAX to the Next Level

Here are the links to the slides and code samples:

ASP.NET 4.0: What’s Next?

ASP.NET: Taking AJAX to the Next Level

Realize that the code from the ASP. NET 4.0 Talk requires Visual Studio 2010 — so you won’t be able to do much with it without Visual Studio 2010 other than take a look at the code in Notepad.


  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for the detailed ASP.NET 4.0 AJAX samples – live binding, templates and ADO.NET Data Services client side contexts look very cool. In fact pretty mind blowing. I’d quite like to see a side by side sample where the client forms UI is in both HTML (eg. ASP.NET MVC/WebForms) and Silverlight, with richer editing in the latter. Really showing how the server side components can be reused (mainly ADO.NET Data Services stuff I suppose).

  2. JoeReynolds says:

    Like Andy, I really liked the ADO.NET Data Services example. I think that was the last one you did. I downloaded the code and it runs perfect in my VS 2008 sp1.

    Would the use of JSON returns in MVC controller be as effective/fast as using a web service? I’m assuming all this can be implemented in MVC.

    I am disappointed in that again the demos fail to include paging throught the database. Any site worth writing code for is going to require some paging… paging that works with ajax or without javascript.

    You mentioned how easy it was to make the demos SEO friendly but I did not see that implemented in the demos.

  3. JoeReynolds says:

    Another question. Your demos all use dataview. Is it possible to use a repeater? If so, any chance a repeater view could be added to the demos?

  4. Fawad says:

    This guy has some really good teaching skills. He explains everything very clearly. I just watched the first video. Now I shall watch the second one 🙂

    Thanks Stephen!

  5. Dave R. says:

    Any chance of putting your slides up on slideshare so we can view them without the download? Thanks 🙂

  6. Lee Timmins says:

    I would also like to see examples of paging and sorting. I like that i can easily filter my data without the use of an UpdatePanel. The other important use i have for the UpdatePanel is that when i wrap it around my ListView it handles any sorting an paging without any postbacks.

    If i could do both these scenarios with the client side templates then that would be great.

  7. Stephen,

    When will be your next talk will be published? Will definately wanna be the first person to watch. Thank you in advance.

  8. Jack says:

    I prefer to use notepad to have a preview instead of take a VSTS 2010, 🙂

  9. Alexander Taran says:

    I must say that your mix sessions were awesome. As it was said earlier – MS Ajax 4.0 showcase is mindblowing. Great Job done there. You are a true magician, Stephen.

  10. rick says:

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  31. Any chance of putting your slides up on slideshare so we can view them without the download? Thanks 🙂